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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Eddie Redmayne tries for his second Oscar

"There is a sense of ambiguity over which of the film's two leads is the titular Danish girl"

The Angel’s Share

Lewis Camley needs a stiff drink after seeing Ken Loach's new film. Dir. Ken Loach 7/10 Looking up at Edinburgh Castle, John Henshaw, playing the likeable community...

Off the page and onto the screen

Matt Wakeling reviews the much anticipated film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road

The modern day filmmaker and changing face of film

For the millennials, everyone's a filmmaker and anything can be a film.

A Touch of French

Suzannah Evans on the French Society’s upcoming free screenings

Amour – Review

Michael Haneke scooped his second Palm d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival with Amour; a film which maintains his thematic concerns and seriously dark, brutal tone while addressing love and age. A haunting, powerful and unusual film, well worthy of its accolades; writes Lewis Camley.

A statement on the media’s spectrum of anguish: Nightcrawler reviewed

The movie is a success not only as a character study of one man's psychopathy but a commentary of the parallel between corporate moral transgression and career enhancement.

Spectre: Bond returns in a competent but rather unspectacular follow-up to...

The film plays as an homage to the franchise but is let down by its weak story.

Hammer time: Thor: The Dark World review

Does the superhero sequel live up to its pleasantly surprising predecessor?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win has changed the internet as we know...

Eliza Bigelow breaks down the post-#TeamLeo world for us