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Friday, September 21, 2018

All bore, no gore: World War Z review

World War Z Director: Marc Forster 4/10 I got animated about World War Z only twice, and neither time directly concerned the film itself. The first time...

Cult film of the week: Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos is possibly the most repulsive film ever made

Retelling a Tale as Old as Time

Can Disney's live action 'Beauty and the Beast' remake follow in the successful footsteps of it's 'Jungle Book' and 'Cinderella' predecessors, or will it fail to hit the mark in an 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' style flop? Either way, why all the remakes Disney?

The Angel’s Share

Lewis Camley needs a stiff drink after seeing Ken Loach's new film. Dir. Ken Loach 7/10 Looking up at Edinburgh Castle, John Henshaw, playing the likeable community...

Venice Film Festival: Loins des Hommes review

Loins des Hommes, starring Viggo Mortensen, is a film that runs after you and grasps you in the end.

Hysteria – Review

Sex and sensibility clash in Hysteria, an exploration of the invention of the vibrator in 19th Century London based on the true story of Dr Mortimer Granville and his unconventional treatment of a misunderstood condition.