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Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Critics: The Hunger Games

Dir. Gary Ross 3 ½ out of 5 With the final instalment of the Harry Potter film series releasing last year, and the (mercifully) concluding chapter...

Spectre: Bond returns in a competent but rather unspectacular follow-up to...

The film plays as an homage to the franchise but is let down by its weak story.

The Master – review

Paul Thomas Anderson's visually stunning follow up to 'There Will Be Blood' is gaining Oscar buzz galore but splitting critics down the middle. Can it live up to the hype or are we falling for the cult of Anderson? Alex Harrison gives his verdict on 'The Master'.

Adventure is back: Guardians of the Galaxy review

At the moment, Guardians of the Galaxy is outpacing the excellent Captain America 2 and the probably execrable (based on the first one, I...

‘Bond has been better before, and will be again’ – Skyfail?

Skyfall has been out for a week to almost universal critical and commercial acclaim. But not everyone is content. Has Bond been botched by too much navel-gazing? Has plot finally buckled under the weight of history? Allen Farrington has some concerns. Expect SPOILERS.

Eddie Redmayne tries for his second Oscar

"There is a sense of ambiguity over which of the film's two leads is the titular Danish girl"