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Sunday, February 17, 2019

“The most sophisticated ‘bromance’ to date”

Ishbel Beeson on Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech"

‘Bond has been better before, and will be again’ – Skyfail?

Skyfall has been out for a week to almost universal critical and commercial acclaim. But not everyone is content. Has Bond been botched by too much navel-gazing? Has plot finally buckled under the weight of history? Allen Farrington has some concerns. Expect SPOILERS.

The modern day filmmaker and changing face of film

For the millennials, everyone's a filmmaker and anything can be a film.

St Andrews gets green in the cinema and behind the camera

“While the facts of climate change are irrefutable… it's the stories that will move people to action.”

The Critics: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Dir. Stephen Daldry 2 out of 5 I will spare the ‘Extremely X and Incredibly Y’ puns that litter reviews of director Stephen Daldry’s latest literary...

Eddie Redmayne tries for his second Oscar

"There is a sense of ambiguity over which of the film's two leads is the titular Danish girl"

The Angel’s Share

Lewis Camley needs a stiff drink after seeing Ken Loach's new film. Dir. Ken Loach 7/10 Looking up at Edinburgh Castle, John Henshaw, playing the likeable community...

A Touch of French

Suzannah Evans on the French Society’s upcoming free screenings

French Fancy: Potiche

François Ozon’s latest film opens the 2011 Glasgow Film Festival Only in its seventh year and supposedly the fastest growing film event in the UK,...

WWWW?: St Andrews Green Film Festival

The Saint tells you what you need to know about St Andrews' upcoming environmental extravaganza