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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Oscars 2015: Who should have won?

Caitlin Lewis gives her personal take on the rightful winners of The Academy Awards

Spectre: Bond returns in a competent but rather unspectacular follow-up to...

The film plays as an homage to the franchise but is let down by its weak story.

The Critics: Source Code; Blue Valentine

Source Code 3.5/5 Following the incredible critical and commercial success of Inception last year, 2011 is seeing a crop of high-concept blockbusters hitting screens in an...

Spring break at the cinema

Get Out, Beauty and the Beast, and Personal Shopper give you three new reasons to schedule a trip to the cinema.

Half Cut Film Festival – review

The tenth edition of the Half Cut Student Film Festival got its conclusion on Thursday night (11 April), with a glamorous Awards Gala at...

A statement on the media’s spectrum of anguish: Nightcrawler reviewed

The movie is a success not only as a character study of one man's psychopathy but a commentary of the parallel between corporate moral transgression and career enhancement.

The Critics: The Hunger Games

Dir. Gary Ross 3 ½ out of 5 With the final instalment of the Harry Potter film series releasing last year, and the (mercifully) concluding chapter...

The Critics: 21 Jump Street

Dir. Phil Lord, Chris Miller 4 out of 5 Last week central California cop Alex Selanis arrested 12 student drug dealers while going undercover in a...

Eddie Redmayne tries for his second Oscar

"There is a sense of ambiguity over which of the film's two leads is the titular Danish girl"

A new age of film responds to the refugee crisis

“You will have our story to tell. Deliver our voice to everyone.”