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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Looper – Review

Looper Dir. Rian Johnson 8/10 Our story takes place in Kansas, year 2042. It appears the global economic crisis has left society in a shambles with no...

How to be a savvy film fan

Toby Symonds explains how to find the best cinema experience on a student budget.

The Oscars: The Summary

It’s currently 5am and I’ve just finished tweeting the Oscars live for The Saint. It’s difficult to think in anything more than 140 characters...

EIFF 2013: A Long Way From Home review

A Long Way From Home Dir: Virginia Gilbert 3/10 There’s an overriding sense of frustration that festers throughout A Long Way From Home, the debut feature from...

Game of Thrones: Kissed by Fire – Review

The critically-acclaimed (and jaw-droppingly brilliant) HBO series Game of Thrones has returned to screens on both sides of the Atlantic. Each week, Richard Browne...

On the Rocks: something smells fishy

The Saint caught up with Lauren Hossack, whose documentary screened recently during On the Rocks

Neds (Peter Mullan)

'Non Educated Delinquents. Neds. That's what we call them in Glasgow.'

The Critics: Drive

3 out of 5 Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn Please don’t sue this movie. The Michigan woman who recently took Drive to court for essentially ‘not being like...

The Oscars: A self-reflective year in Hollywood

In the last scene of The King’s Speech, Colin Firth steps forward onto a balcony and waves to his citizens from Buckingham Palace. His...

60 Hour Film Blitz: Meet the judges

This year's panel includes members from the Schools of Art History, English, and Film Studies