Sunday, February 26, 2017

No(cutting) edge cinema

The more technology allows one-shot experimentation to be realised, the more of it will be hitting the big screen.
“While the facts of climate change are irrefutable… it's the stories that will move people to action.”
Intensely intimate, Jackie is a film of few sweeping motions and justifiably so. In tightening the frame, and filling it almost exclusively with Portman, Larraín invokes a real notion of insight.
This generation does not need any more nostalgia. We need films we can turn into cult classics for ourselves. We need platforms through which to leave a new individual mark on the entertainment industry rather than failed attempts to repeat the past.
Whereas in 1996, the thrill was in the permanence of the high, the hangover lies in T2. That said, there is more than enough to keep you enthralled.

The magic of La La Land

La La Land is an exploré of the realities of refusing to sacrifice your art. Yes, it’s glamorous and magical and bursts into song in the middle of a traffic jam, but it’s also brutal.

Review: SOLD

Films like SOLD and other responses to crisis, artistic or otherwise, mean that the stories of threatened and abused children do not have to remain hidden.

Review: Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas is a gentle, never overbearing, reminder of the difficulty of grieving, the value of family, and of living your happily-ever-after every day.
Fantastic Beasts takes this globally-renowned world in a new and thrilling direction with glorious special effects brought to life by intricate storytelling and endearing characters.
Milo Farragher Hanks describes Arrival as "unabashedly big-scale but resolutely intimate sci-fi, the kind of thoughtful and humanistic filmmaking that ennobles mainstream cinema."