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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Critics: Blue Nights

Joan Didion Knopf £14.99 Within twenty months, Joan Didion lost both her husband John and her daughter Quintana. These unexpected and devastating losses prompted two memoirs: The...

The Critics: Adoring Venus

Adoring Venus Lorn Macintyre Self-Published The University Novel is dead. Previously boasting Nabokov and David Lodge among its many exponents, the genre, long considered moribund, now seems...

Doli temeris: Remembering Seamus Heaney

In the first in a three-part series, Tamar Ziff takes a look at the work of Heaney

Words smuggled from China to St Andrews: Liu Xiaobo at StAnza

It is a sad state of affairs when a government chooses to imprison one of its own thinkers for attempting to challenge the regime...

An interview with Vijay Mehta

The Saint talks to the author about his new book, and his views on the situation in Syria

The Weather Report

The Cloud Corporation Timothy Donnelly Picador £9.99 Poetry; Business; Corporations; The bible; Noah: these are, I kid you not, the keywords that will lead you to Timothy Donnelly...

The Children Act: a resonant and honest vignette of a novel

In The Children Act, Ian McEwan explores the nature of two conflicting choices: emotion and duty. As a ubiquitous part of contemporary life he uses...

‘Skelling’ author David Almond visits St Andrews

I read Skellig when I was in junior school myself. I remember being entranced with the concept, where the main character nurses a strange...

The Saint book club: literature bites

We recommend the best food-related reads for this coming Spring

A window into Cypriot literature

If you fancy a new read, how about trying Cypriot literature?