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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Man Booker Prize 2012: the candidates

The winner of the Man Booker Prize 2012 will be announced tomorrow evening. Tamar Ziff runs through the candidates for the annual literature prize. Who do you think is going to be awarded the paperback crown?

An interview with Alexander ‘Sandy’ McCall Smith: The professor who brought...

Alexander ‘Sandy’ McCall Smith has led a deeply unusual life. A renowned expert on medical law and bioethics, in which field he was a...

Better late than never: the 600th anniversary book

It has taken two years and £5,000, but St Andrews: Through Students’ Eyes has become a reality

The Critics: Sidereal

Sidereal Rachel Boast Picador £8.99 Sidereal: ‘Of or pertaining to the stars.’ Sidereal, however, is a bit more terrestrial than its title might suggest. It probably isn’t necessary...

Pop-science tackles pill popping

Bad Pharma By Ben Goldacre 448 pages Fourth Estate “Medicine is broken” Before I assess the many merits of this book which make it worth reading, it has to...

An interview with Bernard Cornwell

Most famous for his 24 novels about the Napoleonic War-era rifleman Richard Sharpe, Bernard Cornwell is perhaps the world’s best-known historical novelist today. Fantastically...

Chomsky & Ploychroniou, “Optimism over Despair”

The influence of Noam Chomsky's thought over the past half century on the scope and focus of public debate, as a leading intellectual and...

Jólabókaflóð: the curious case of Icelandic publishing

Iceland is unique in the world: it is incredibly small, has a language spoken nowhere else, but publishes and reads more books than anywhere. That is without mentioning the Jólabókaflóð, a phenomenon unparalleled in global publishing.

In conversation with Linda Spalding

The Saint sits down to talk with Linda Spalding, the award-winning Canadian novelist and editor, about her approach to writing, what she's learnt, and how aspiring writers might best set about the business.

An interview with novelist Jodi Picoult

The Saint talks to Jodi Picoult about writing, politics and her advice for students.