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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Preview: LGBT’s Queer Arts Festival

The Saint sat down with LGBT Officer Fallon Sheffield who enlightened us on her committee’s ambitious festival, Queer Fest, which celebrates the contribution that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have made to the art world.

Artists of The Bubble: St Andrews’ creative students

Ruairidh Bowen sits down with some of St Andrews' finest student artists

Dundee’s secret gallery

Ruairidh Bowen discovers the elusive McManus Art Gallery and Museum in Dundee

Abolished but not abandoned: Slavery close to home

“Slavery can feel so distant as it does not affect us or anyone we know. Yet, we are unknowingly so close to what is happening.”

Heather Phillipson takes us back to nature at the DCA

This autumn at the DCA, we are treated to emerging talent Heather Phillipson’s impressive suite of works, with the perplexing title ‘sub-fusc love-feast’

An exhibit under constant renovation

The collection started with the acquisition of two works by Thomas Joshua Cooper in 1985, pieces which are currently included in the Silvered Light exhibition

What to see at the galleries this semester

The autumn is here and with it a myriad of new art exhibitions all over Scotland. Here are some of the highlights of the...

The bubble’s best creative outlet

On last week's misty Friday night Art Soc hosted the Creative Lock-in, an event at the Byre running through the night from 11 pm...

A neglected art form: the renaissance of drag

Ruairidh Bowen discusses drag's rise from underground to the mainstream

Navid Nuur’s ‘Renderender’ at the DCA

The artist's new exhibition is a confrontational smorgasboard of concept art