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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 24, 2018

Getting artsy in St Andrews: where to create and inspire

Lydia Cruz recalls her experiences with St Andrews' creative societies

Heather Phillipson takes us back to nature at the DCA

This autumn at the DCA, we are treated to emerging talent Heather Phillipson’s impressive suite of works, with the perplexing title ‘sub-fusc love-feast’

A Portrait without the person

Dexter Dalwood is the bookies’ favourite to win the Turner Prize. Rachel Clarke profiles the artist.

Bridget Riley at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art

Francesca White stumbles upon a modern 'Op' artist - famous for her use of geometric form and bright colours.

Art and soul: deconstructing ARTPOP

All style and no substance? Ruairidh Bowen critiques Lady Gaga’s latest ‘concept album’

Abolished but not abandoned: Slavery close to home

“Slavery can feel so distant as it does not affect us or anyone we know. Yet, we are unknowingly so close to what is happening.”

Anthony Caro at Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is famous for being a beautiful example of English Baroque architecture, and is the current host of a collection of...

Vandalism and vegetables: the Delacroix defacement debate

Apparently your little finger is as strong as a carrot, and biting through it would be just as easy were it not for your...

Navid Nuur’s ‘Renderender’ at the DCA

The artist's new exhibition is a confrontational smorgasboard of concept art

In My Room: a student art exhibition in a Regs bedroom

Art in a bedroom - explained!