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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Artists of The Bubble: St Andrews’ creative students

Ruairidh Bowen sits down with some of St Andrews' finest student artists

Greenspiration photography competition: An interview with Abi Reid

On a hectic Wednesday afternoon, I hastened from my tutorial and promptly made my way through the crowd at the Union. I was on...

Politics and the periphery at the DCA

Dundee may only be half an hour away, but to average St Andrews students it symbolizes another world; one with McDonald’s, Fat Sam’s, Topshop...
The Turner Prize

Hockey sticks down, paint brushes up – London 2012 isn’t over...

Unless you have spent the last few months living under a rock then you’ll know that London was the place to be this summer....

A new space for contemporary art in St Andrews

In August, something rather exciting arrived on South Street – a contemporary “white cube” art gallery with a distinctly international outlook. You won’t find...

RETENTION: an exhibit to remember

ArtSoc's upcoming Martinmas exhibition deals with the ups and downs of human memory – often cherished, but rarely reliable.

Art galleries in St Andrews and beyond

Amanda Levinson showcases art galleries worth visiting, both in and outside the Bubble.

Duchess sits for portrait after heavy Lizard lash

“I wake up in the morning feeling like K Middy”… words sang neither by Ke$ha nor me. Whilst Kate and I studied the same...

Art On The Rocks

La vie est faite de petits bonheurs. This means that life is made of small instances of happiness. It also means that I don’t...

Monet and Cezanne at the National Galleries of Scotland

Sophia Latorre-Zengierski strolls through the ‘Impressionist’s Gardens’