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Friday, November 16, 2018

Art and soul: the world’s most expensive Bacon

Ruairidh Bowen asks why someone would pay $142m for Francis Bacon's disturbing triptych

Damien Hirst: Artist or Con Artist?

Cigarette butts, live butterflies and a dead shark. No, we are not in a rubbish bin, a botanical garden or, indeed, an aquarium. This...

RETENTION: an exhibit to remember

ArtSoc's upcoming Martinmas exhibition deals with the ups and downs of human memory – often cherished, but rarely reliable.

Edinburgh National Gallery’s Titian exhibition fails to match its London counterpart

The masterworks still speak for themselves, but their exhibition left a lot to be desired

David Hockney at the National Gallery

Some weeks ago I rather smugly marched past enormous queues of people desperate to get into the National Gallery’s exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s...

Dundee V&A opening: “A living room for the city”

On Wednesday at 9 am I made my way across to Dundee to catch a glimpse of the sun-soaked oak panels of the dramatic...

Video installation in the DCA

Stephen Hawking believes we need to colonise Mars. The theory goes that the effects of manmade climate change are irreversible, and can get worse,...

A powerful statement or a broken promise?

Clayton Pettet's controversial show was not what people expected, but is that okay?

Heather Phillipson takes us back to nature at the DCA

This autumn at the DCA, we are treated to emerging talent Heather Phillipson’s impressive suite of works, with the perplexing title ‘sub-fusc love-feast’

Hockey to Hogarth: A Rake’s progress

If you ever feel like your moral compass may have become slightly off-balance since being a university student, rest assured that William Hogarth’s ‘Tom...