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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Art and soul: the world’s most expensive Bacon

Ruairidh Bowen asks why someone would pay $142m for Francis Bacon's disturbing triptych

Jack Vettriano retrospective at Kelvingrove

Art & Design sub-editor Ruairidh Bowen takes in the controversial artist's latest exhibition

Locked in: Art in progress

Ever wondered where the artsy folk of St Andrews gather to channel their creativity?

Don’t overlook local artists when it comes to arts and crafts

"A gift shop may be an unlikely place to discover hidden talent, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. You may be surprised to find out about the great wealth of talented artists and designers that this small town has to offer."

Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan

‘It’s a bit too busy for super small children,’ worried one father, hanging on to a sticky-palmed toddler among the crowds thronging this year’s...

Zaha Hadid: an obituary to a trailblazing architect

Zaha Hadid, the legendary architect and woman, died in Miami last week whilst being treated for bronchitis, after having a heart attack at the...

Art and soul: embracing selfies and gingers

Ruairidh Bowen delivers his verdict on two of the country's most unusual exhibitions

Vandalism and vegetables: the Delacroix defacement debate

Apparently your little finger is as strong as a carrot, and biting through it would be just as easy were it not for your...

Dundee V&A opening: “A living room for the city”

On Wednesday at 9 am I made my way across to Dundee to catch a glimpse of the sun-soaked oak panels of the dramatic...

An insight into the Union’s design team

Eilidh Tyler Reid talks to Nathalie Mitchell about the University's design team, and what they can do for you.