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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Behind the lens

Some of the best photographers in St Andrews talk about their art and what photography means to them.

Germaine Greer, reintroducing Aboriginal art to the masses

Men’s Health, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, FHM, Tatler, Aesthetica.These are all glossy magazines, full of information and compelling images, and I don’t believe that compelling is...

In defence of Art History: an open letter to the government

After the announcement of History of Art being axed from the A Level curriculum, one student makes an impassioned plea for its continuation.

Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy of Arts

Mikhail Menshikov reviews the Abstract Expressionism Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition displaying the 'superheroes' of Modern Art.

Damien Hirst: the art of decadence and death

Hirst the capitalist has overtaken Hirst the artist.

Art galleries in St Andrews and beyond

Amanda Levinson showcases art galleries worth visiting, both in and outside the Bubble.

Maps, DNA, and Spam at the DCA

Ruairidh Bowen takes in a stunning new mixed media exhibition in Dundee

After the Call: A review

After the Call was a strange collection of music, monologues and snatches of drama, all taking place in St Andrews Episcopal Church. The church...

Politics and the periphery at the DCA

Dundee may only be half an hour away, but to average St Andrews students it symbolizes another world; one with McDonald’s, Fat Sam’s, Topshop...

Gilbert and George, The Beard Pictures and their F***osophy

Never have I read so many variations of the word ‘f***’ across one space within an hour. As a young (and rebellious?) student one would expect that my friends and...