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Saint Andrews
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bridget Riley at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art

Francesca White stumbles upon a modern 'Op' artist - famous for her use of geometric form and bright colours.

Marina Abramovic and the legacies of controversial artists

An investigation into Marina Abramovic and whether it's possible to separate the artist from their artwork.

Fifty Shades of Millais: The enduring appeal of the Pre-Raphaelites

  ‘There’s going to be a new show of the Pre-Raphaelites at the Tate Britain this Autumn’.  This is a phrase so completely innocuous that...

Art galleries in St Andrews and beyond

Amanda Levinson showcases art galleries worth visiting, both in and outside the Bubble.

Baring it all for art’s sake: inside the world of life...

Nicole Slyusareva explores what it means to be the nude model for ArtSoc's life drawing classes.

Basquiat: A look at the first large-scale exhibition in the UK

The most exciting exhibition that I have seen for a very long time. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Today an icon for the rebellious youth. Died from...

In defence of Art History: an open letter to the government

After the announcement of History of Art being axed from the A Level curriculum, one student makes an impassioned plea for its continuation.

On The Rocks welcomes applications until Sunday

On The Rocks is currently in the midst of its application process – societies, students, individuals are all welcome to send in an idea...

New exhibition in St Andrews Museum: Kate Scardifield’s Ley Lines

Ley Lines is a unique exhibition to Scotland that spotlights the installation art by Australian artist Kate Scardifield. The exhibition is touring through galleries...

Pottering through the summer

Recently this summer I had the wonderful time to attend a two-week hand building pottery class that focused on surface design techniques. The class...