Thursday, February 23, 2017

Review: Cock

Cock was a "gripping triumph of a play," according to Marcus Cork- Keeling.

For Honor review

Our Games Editor reviews one of 2017's most hotly anticipated releases.

Lego Batman: The hero DC needs

The Lego Batman Movie will not only make your face ache with laughter from even before the establishing shot, it will also bestow upon you a beam to bounce you all the way home.

Review: SCO Vibe St Andrews

A review of SCO Vibe St Andrews - an event last Sunday evening that showcased the results of a weekend-long workshop between student songwriters and professional musicians.

The art of the comeback

2016, a year we are all truly thankful is over, has been described by some as “the year of the hiatus.” It’s been an interesting year for music, but most notable for comebacks from Adele to Ed Sheeran. For fans who already wait about a year for an album, complete disconnection from our favourite artists can be frustrating, especially...

Black Spring: an interview

I sat down with members of the Black Spring production team, an original work sponsored by the Afro-Caribbean society, going up during On the Rocks on the 7-8 April in the Barron. The Saint: Can you tell me how you first came up with the idea for the show?  Danielle Eyanji: Afro Caribbean society had had a showcase a couple of years ago,...

The evolution of power dressing

We have a lot to thank the 1980s for; rock music, the rise of Apple enterprise, Madonna’s debut but most importantly, it was the introduction of the “working woman” era. Great strides had previously been made in the crusade for women’s rights, which enabled the women of the 80s to leave behind their more "traditional" homemaker lifestyles and enter the working world.

Q&A: Dr Robin Sloan

Dr Robin Sloan teaches game design and development practices at Abertay University and speaks to The Saint about game design & production.
A fashionable phenomenon in Britain yet a simple outlook on life for Danes, the word “hygge” means different things to different people. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” according to Google, there is no doubt that this simple concept is now worth a considerable amount of money. Go into any bookshop and you will find several books on the subject; even lifestyle shops...
Caitlin Lewis argues Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance was 'subtly powerful', unlike other celebrities who (trump)et their views, to little effect.