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Monday, February 18, 2019

The greatest journey

'I’ve seen the future of video games, and it is Journey - an artistic masterpiece that not only transcends the medium, but completely reinvents it.'

And Then There Were None: A review

This was, quite simply, the best student production I’ve seen. On the 2nd of this month, having heard of the immense preparation and artistic vision...

Spotlight: BoxedIn Theatre

It never fails to amaze me how much some students can fit into their working week. It’s very easy for sleep to take precedence...

“Avengers: Infinity War”: Disney rules the world

You may or may not have noticed but Disney have taken over the world. Culturally speaking, at least. With Star Wars and Marvel’s Avengers under...

The Critics: Yeomen of the Guard, The Glass Menagerie

Yeomen of the Guard Younger Hall: 25-27 February Before I enter into this review, I must nail my standard to the mast and admit, of my...

The Critics: Point of Go

Point of Go Jonquil Blessing Force 4 out of 5 Jonquil emerged from the same vibrant Oxford scene that produced Foals, Youthmovies, The Youngs Plan &c. They've since...

The St Andrews Revue: LOOP Reviewed

The Revue performs excellent comedy as part of On the Rocks.

The top 5 games for singles this Valentine’s Day

Joe Ives recommends some distractions to keep the singles among us busy this 14 February

On the Rocks: Inmates and Outliers review

Combining 100 100 word plays into one performance proved a difficult exercise

Playwright in residence: interview with Zinnie Harris

Studying here for four years, it's easy to become acclimatised to the brilliance of the individuals working at the university.