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Friday, January 18, 2019

Homemade Fusion: refreshingly sentimental

Daisy Treloar reviews the Just So Society's 'Homemade Fusion.'

Withered Hand – New Gods review

Multi-talented musician Dan Wilson's new album is an inspiring example of contemporary folk

The Critics: Senna

Senna Dir. Asif Kapadia So often, a biography attempts to convey the life and spirit of a person through the words of others, a practise that...

On the Rocks: The Lesson preview

We find out more about what we can expect fromThe Lesson

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week – Day 5

So here we are: the final day of Edinburgh Online Fashion Week. It’s been a veritable whirlwind of flouncy skirts, cosy knitwear and shoes...

Hollywood greed reaches new dimension

Undeniably, 3D film is here to stay. It’s archaic to argue anything else. But even a cursory glance at the cinematic release schedules of...

American Horror Story: All style and no substance

As the show progresses into its fourth cycle, titled ‘Freak Show’, expectations are understandably high

(End of) Summer Reading

Ready Player One Ernest Cline Crown Publishing Group   The best book published this summer was unquestionably Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. Cline has a serious fetish for...

The Critics: Lonely Are The Brave

Maverick Sabre Mercury 4 out of 5 Bringing a soulful sound that has seen him described as “the male version of Amy Winehouse”, Maverick Sabre bursts on...

The Critics: Crazy Clown Time

Crazy Clown Time David Lynch Fat Possum 2 out of 5 It may seem surprising that film maker David Lynch, the surreal all-American visionary, has just released début...