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Saint Andrews
Monday, February 18, 2019

On the Rocks: That Face review

When it engaged fully with the subtext, That Face was an impressive, compelling production

On the Rocks: The Lesson preview

We find out more about what we can expect fromThe Lesson

On the Rocks: Gallathea review

Gallathea failed to deliver on its considerable promise

On the Rocks: Crystal Mirth review

The Mirth crew turned their hand to sketch comedy for On the Rocks and the results were very funny

On the Rocks: Inmates and Outliers review

Combining 100 100 word plays into one performance proved a difficult exercise

On the Rocks: Music Is Love Music Cafe Series review

The Music Cafe series provides a welcome alternative night out in St Andrews

On the Rocks: ReScore 2 review

How did this innovative mixture of screening and performance stack up?

On the Rocks preview: Cabaret

Taryn O'Connor tells us what we can expect from her production of Cabaret, the classic musical that has dazzled audiences for nearly half a century

On the Rocks preview: Open Mic Night

Sinead Leach tells us what we can expect from On the Rocks’ special Open Mic Night

On the Rocks Preview: The Vaudeville Spectacular

We find out more about The Vaudeville Spectacular, an evening of unusual acts and 20s-themed fun