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Saint Andrews
Thursday, February 21, 2019

‘Do I Dare?’ Reviewed

Jo Boon was moved and surprised by this On The Rocks performance, a challenging blend of poetry and physical theatre.

Three ways to to push the Barbour boundaries

With the help of our model Erika Naegli, this Barbour is given a youthful update with three unexpected pairings you may want to try.

On the Rocks: something smells fishy

The Saint caught up with Lauren Hossack, whose documentary screened recently during On the Rocks

On the Rocks: Cabaret review

Just So's production didn't shy away from the darker side of the classic musical

On the Rocks: Music is Love’s Spring Fling

Music Is Love provided On the Rocks with a fitting send off in Venue 1

On the Rocks: A bitter taste of reality

With Easter just around the corner, the Fine Chocolate Society's On the Rocks screening provided a timely reminder of the importance of Fairtrade

On the Rocks: Contractions review

Innovative staging and some strong performances made Contractions an excellent, engaging spectacle

On the Rocks: Food Writing Workshop review

The Fine Food and Dining Society's panel proved to be one of the highlights of this year's On the Rocks

On the Rocks: Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped...

Those who weren't expecting a Scots play might have struggled to keep up, but the OTR production of MQS was superbly performed

On the Rocks: ArtSoc exhibition – Heritage

ArtSoc's bold exhibition was hugely original and a great success