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Saturday, February 16, 2019

On the Rocks preview: ReScore 2

David Cihelna tells us what we can expect from ReScore, an innovative combination of live music and classic cinema

On the Rocks preview: Open Mic Night

Sinead Leach tells us what we can expect from On the Rocks’ special Open Mic Night

Alternate: Reviewed

Zeb Baker-Smith reviews the absurd, hilarious new stand up show from Joe Viner- Alternate.

SAND Scratch Night Reviewed

The SAND Scratch Night is reviewed as part of the On the Rocks festival.

Polaris: Reviewed

Zeb Baker-Smith reviews Polaris, "a deeply personal story of family, friends, and sexuality," performed as part of the On the Rocks festival.

Hot Mess Previewed

With a change of location, Hot Mess looks to be an evening of fun and contemplative theatre in an unusual space.

On the Rocks: Mini Previews

The Saint brings you four mini-previews of this year's most highly anticipated On the Rocks events.

Three ways to to push the Barbour boundaries

With the help of our model Erika Naegli, this Barbour is given a youthful update with three unexpected pairings you may want to try.

On The Rocks welcomes applications until Sunday

On The Rocks is currently in the midst of its application process – societies, students, individuals are all welcome to send in an idea...

OTR Poetry Workshop with Amanda Merritt reviewed

Amanda Merritt's poetry workshop is reviewed as part of the 2016 On the Rocks Festival