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Saint Andrews
Monday, November 19, 2018

Mandarin Rouge Ball Previewed

The Saint previews the firs ever ball hosted by the Chinese Hongpao Society.

The Day the Mirth Stood Still: A positive review

In the midst of deadlines and the return from a supposedly relaxing spring break, On The Rocks has brought some much-needed entertainment to the...

On the Rocks is recruiting!

The UK's biggest arts festival is recruiting for the 2016-17 academic year.

King Lear: Reviewed

I think it’s best to describe last Thursday's performance of King Lear as inconsistent and unpolished. There were moments where the desired style and...

On the Rocks preview: Impulse/[un]conscious

Charlotte Baker tells us what we can expect from Impulse/[un]conscious, a pair of dance shows that promise to dazzle enthusiasts and newcomers alike

On the Rocks: Cabaret review

Just So's production didn't shy away from the darker side of the classic musical

Strictly Come Dancing: A preview

The great thing about On The Rocks is the diverse range of events available to see. It is a chance for the weird and...

Hot Mess Reviewed

Sonder Theatre produces Hot Mess as part of On the Rocks and the performance is dubbed 'anything but messy' by our reviewer.

J.S Bach: Mass in B Minor Reviewed

St Salvator's Chapel Choir is reviewed as part of the On the Rocks Festival.

Editor’s Top Picks for On the Rocks

The Saint's theatre editor shares her top pick of events for On the Rocks, day-by-day.