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Saint Andrews
Sunday, August 18, 2019

On the Rocks preview: Impulse/[un]conscious

Charlotte Baker tells us what we can expect from Impulse/[un]conscious, a pair of dance shows that promise to dazzle enthusiasts and newcomers alike

The Cripple of Inishmaan: A review

“Staring at cows is the height of sanity” So says Boatman Bennet, a comment which makes sense in the isolated Irish island mini-world that is...

On the Rocks preview: Ceilidh in the Castle

Annie Leverton tells us what we can expect from this year’s edition of a festival favourite: the annual Ceilidh in the Castle.

On the Rocks preview: Music Cafés

Anna Merryfield tells us what we can expect from Music is Love’s series of acoustic sessions in the Old Union Cafe

“Sweeney Todd” cast organises flash mob

This Wednesday afternoon promised to be as uneventful as any other regular weekday – and a particularly unpleasant one due to the rough weather...

On the Rocks: Mini Previews

The Saint brings you four mini-previews of this year's most highly anticipated On the Rocks events.

Doctor Faustus Reviewed

Doctor Faustus is reviewed as part of the On the Rocks festival.

The Physicists: A review

The Physicists, or Die Physiker, is a satirical play written by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The plot revolves entirely around the drawing room of...

ESAF Bhumi Collective Presents- Charlie: Reviewed

‘If your words were the only thing a little girl could hang on to in this maddening world, what would you say to her?' Simona Mezzina reviews Charlie

On the Rocks Review: Twelfth Night

Revising Shakespeare for the sake of accessibility is a fraught task to say the least – so lovingly crafted is the Bard’s language, so...