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Saint Andrews
Friday, January 18, 2019

Edinburgh Fringe 2014: Wolf Whistle review

Xara Bennett-Jones reviews St Andrews student Joanna Alpern's Fringe play

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe: A Preview

Forget Bradley Wiggins’ cycling heroics in the Tour de France; forget Britain’s inclement weather; forget the thought of returning to St Andrews in a...

Fringe 2013: The St Andrews Revue review

The St Andrews Revue 4/5 After an auspicious inaugural run at last year’s Fringe, the St Andrews Revue have returned to Edinburgh with a few fresh...

Fringe Blogs: The Actor

As the St Andrews Revue end their run at the Edinburgh Festival, a clutch of four star reviews in hand, Christy White-Spunner reflects on...

An insider’s guide to the Edinburgh Fringe

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, during the Edinburgh Fringe, student performers and reviewers exist in a permanent state of general squalor. Four...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Delay Detach gains recognition

Sonder Theatre's Delay Detach has been creating waves at the Edinburgh Fringe.

St Andrews at the Fringe 2012

Meet Jocelyn Cox - this year’s mermaid’s President - fresh from a fantastic Fringe festival. Emily Hill spoke to her about her experiences and...

The Saint reviews: Vikki Stone: Hot Mess

Imagine Charlie Brooker, but with more musical numbers, and you go a sizeable way to picturing Vikki Stone's comedy.

Fringe Blogs: The Actor

Christy White-Spunner waxes lyrical about his time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A poem written on an iPhone about people who are creatively arrogant, by...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Blind Mirth triumphs

Blind Mirth returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and excels in the realm of improv comedy.