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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A guide to cinema in St Andrews

The New Picture House (the only NPH worth talking about) is St Andrews' one and only cinema. Featuring one main screen and two smaller...

The Critics: War Horse

Dir. Stephen Spielberg 3 ½ out of 5 Theatre aficionados will no doubt be aware of the acclaim garnered by the stage adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s...

The Saint’s top five films to watch on Netflix this week

Netflix and Chill - the Saint way.

Cult film of the week: Top Gun

Cult film of the week? More like cult film for the rest of time. When we think of Top Gun, a few key words...

Cult film of the week: Spaceballs

Star Wars superfan Marissa Visci examines the parody that mocks everything sci-fi geeks hold dear

Cult film of the week: Heathers

The 1988 black comedy is Mean Girls, but with serial killers and scrunchies

Students Inspiring Students: The making of ‘Daughters of Dolma’

It is true that, despite my occasional cynicism about coming to St Andrews, I study amongst some of the smartest, most creative, talented and...

Morally questionable or unquestionably riveting?

Zero Dark Thirty Dir. Kathryn Bigelow 9/10 It is difficult to think of a film in recent memory that has polarised audiences and critics quite like Zero...

Why you’ll never make tea during the title sequence again

Are the opening credits to a film really worth your time? Here's why you might want to pay attention during those crucial first moments.

An A-list cast have no cure for Tulip Fever

When you employ an award-winning writer and award-winning cast to helm your film, is it so wrong to expect big things? On paper, Tulip Fever,...