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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Greenspiration photography competition: An interview with Abi Reid

On a hectic Wednesday afternoon, I hastened from my tutorial and promptly made my way through the crowd at the Union. I was on...

Video installation in the DCA

Stephen Hawking believes we need to colonise Mars. The theory goes that the effects of manmade climate change are irreversible, and can get worse,...

A new space for contemporary art in St Andrews

In August, something rather exciting arrived on South Street – a contemporary “white cube” art gallery with a distinctly international outlook. You won’t find...

Matisse in the Studio: a visit to the Royal Academy of...

Remember the Matisse Cut-Outs at the Tate Modern back in 2014? You don’t? Well I certainly do! The linearity, the simplicity of form, the...

Damien Hirst: the art of decadence and death

Hirst the capitalist has overtaken Hirst the artist.

RETENTION: an exhibit to remember

ArtSoc's upcoming Martinmas exhibition deals with the ups and downs of human memory – often cherished, but rarely reliable.

Behind the lens

Some of the best photographers in St Andrews talk about their art and what photography means to them.

Art galleries in St Andrews and beyond

Amanda Levinson showcases art galleries worth visiting, both in and outside the Bubble.

Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy of Arts

Mikhail Menshikov reviews the Abstract Expressionism Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition displaying the 'superheroes' of Modern Art.

Baring it all for art’s sake: inside the world of life...

Nicole Slyusareva explores what it means to be the nude model for ArtSoc's life drawing classes.