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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New creative Factory in St Andrews

Polly Warrack reports on the Art History Society's attempt to bring Andy Warhol’s Factory to the Barron Theatre

The End of Museums?

Google’s latest venture, taking Street View to the Gallery, has been the topic of numerous articles, blogs and editorials that can only equal the...

Blockbuster year for art

2012 will surely be a year that people remember.  The Olympics and Paralympics, the Diamond Jubilee, the re-election of Obama, a new James Bond...

On The Rocks welcomes applications until Sunday

On The Rocks is currently in the midst of its application process – societies, students, individuals are all welcome to send in an idea...

Marina Abramovic and the legacies of controversial artists

An investigation into Marina Abramovic and whether it's possible to separate the artist from their artwork.

An insight into the Union’s design team

Eilidh Tyler Reid talks to Nathalie Mitchell about the University's design team, and what they can do for you.

Abstract Expressionists at the Royal Academy of Arts

Mikhail Menshikov reviews the Abstract Expressionism Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition displaying the 'superheroes' of Modern Art.

Good Press Gallery

Good Press gallery is a newly opened venture in Glasgow that’s well worth a look. An independently run gallery and bookshop, it presents visual...

Power and identity: Romans at the McManus Gallery

Miriam Chappell explores McManus Dundee's exhibition 'Roman Empire: Power and People'

David Hockney at the National Gallery

Some weeks ago I rather smugly marched past enormous queues of people desperate to get into the National Gallery’s exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s...