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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A new age of film responds to the refugee crisis

“You will have our story to tell. Deliver our voice to everyone.”


We've sent our man Stephen Jenkins to the deep south (well, Birmingham) to check out Palm d'Or competitor Lawless, the new depression-era gangster thriller...

What to wear: Under Canvas 2014

Don't be caught in a suit or cocktail dress at St Andrews' biggest music festival event

An interview with novelist Jodi Picoult

The Saint talks to Jodi Picoult about writing, politics and her advice for students.

Why Roald Dahl still matters

“Ow, Fuck” Those were the parting words of perhaps the finest children’s author of the last century, as he received the lethal dose of morphine...

Edinburgh Fringe 2014: The Temptation of St Anthony review

If you ever visit the Fringe, odds are that at some point you will take a turn somewhere off the Royal Mile and end up in...

Are gaming and university life compatible?

Joe Ives asks whether it's possible to effectively juggle university life with such an expensive hobby

Why you’ll never make tea during the title sequence again

Are the opening credits to a film really worth your time? Here's why you might want to pay attention during those crucial first moments.

The stories of third culture kids

“Where are you from?” This is the question that a third culture kid (TCK) often struggles to answer. “Should I give the long version or the...

Identity issues

The more I think about ‘identity’ as a concept the more fluid and elusive it becomes.  It is so easy to consider identity as...