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Saint Andrews
Sunday, March 24, 2019

Polar Bears reviewed

Mark Haddon's dramatic play Polar Bears reviewed.

Tony Molina – Dissed and Dismissed review

The guitarist's 11-minute album is short, but filled to bursting with great riffs and hooks

Cult film of the week: Harold and Maude

If you haven't given the 1971 flick a chance, you're missing out

Xbox One vs. PS4: a next-gen battle royale

With both Sony and Microsoft releasing new consoles for the first time in years, The Saint’s Games division pits the two competitors against each other to see which is going to come out on top

2017: the year of the diverse superhero film?

If superhero films can redeem themselves and evolve with audience expectations their success may long continue, but if they become outdated, unrepresentative and unable to inspire they fail in the purpose upon which their entertainment value depends.

St Andrews brings film-making to you

Everything you need to make your first film is right here in St Andrews, even your camera is sitting in your back pocket.

The Cripple of Inishmaan: A review

“Staring at cows is the height of sanity” So says Boatman Bennet, a comment which makes sense in the isolated Irish island mini-world that is...

Charge of the writing blockade

The winning piece from the Frank Muir prize

They’re funny, honestly

Over the past few years, the St Andrews Revue has become a highlight of On The Rocks, and this year will be no exception....

Questioning Queer Qualms

Venue 2 hosts Queer Question Time, but what’s the use in talking? It was as diverse a crowd as you might expect which filled up...