Friday, March 23, 2018
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“You can shoot me in the arm, you can shoot me in the eye but we are still going to rise”
Lewis Wood is a third year English literature student from Manchester. He is president of Saints LGBT+ and holds several positions within the Students’ Association. The Saint in-terviewed Mr Wood to find out more about his work as the student body’s official LGBT+ representative.
The Saint sat down with the Rector to discuss her first two years in office, Brexit and what exactly she thinks of Donald Trump.
Enter the world of the bookstore that is much more than just a bookstore with Topping & Company’s senior bookseller, Mairi Oliver.
“Populus means people. That’s who it’s for. All of us.”
"We tend to wait until people break down and then we try and pick up the pieces.”
We interviewed one of the founders of the group that go “dumpster-diving” for food to share, with friends and strangers alike, at their self-made “café” on Hope Street in aid of the environment.
The Saint met with two students making the case to Leave or Remain in the European Union.
"It’s much more than just clothes or make up. It’s about expressing who you are. It’s about self-love"
Following the recent How to Rent talk, The Saint sat down to chat with the Accommodation Officer