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Saint Andrews
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Domino’s Pizza considers serving up new branch in St Andrews

Domino’s Pizza could soon be the latest name to join the St Andrews’ high street. Rumours have been circulating for several weeks in the town...

Organ Donation Society set up in memory of former St Andrews...

The University of St Andrews’ Organ Donation Society was launched on Wednesday 20 February. Its initiation marks the first partnership between a university and NHS...

University to introduce “Independent Learning Week” in Semester one

There will be no classes or deadlines during the week.

Jewish charity ball goes ahead despite threats from Palestine activists

A St Andrews AEPI Jewish fraternity and Jewish Society charity ball was forced to change location after Golf Hotel staff received threats from protesters

Students campaign for McDonalds in St Andrews

“The subsequent lack of late night nugget provisions, among the many other services that are simply not available to these vindicated citizens, is a major concern"

Controversy emerges in Taxi and Lift Sharing Facebook Group

The St Andrews Taxi and Lift Sharing Facebook page, created by students of St Andrews, has recently seen members divided after recent changes by...

Contingency plans being considered due to Powell and Whitehorn Hall delay

During the last University Court meeting on Friday 13 April, it was announced that contingency plans are currently being considered for Powell and Whitehorn...

University of St Andrews strikes: What we know so far

University of St Andrews staff may take 14 day strike action after the University and College Union (UCU) members voted that they were prepared...

Celebrity cat Hamish McHamish has passed away

R.I.P. Hamish