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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Infocus: Heather Farley

The Coordinator of Got Consent talks to The Saint about Sexual Assault Awareness Week

University struggling to accommodate returning students’ hall preferences

Freedom of Information request shows students applying to standard self-catered halls are far less likely to get an offer

University secures substantial research grants

This grant is funded by the 540 million euro budget from the European Union set aside to advance scientific research for 222 scientists across the EU.

Reseachers investigate security of medical data

The funding comes courtesy of the European Union's Horizon2020 Program.

Students to walk out of class again over climate change

The climate strike will be on April 12 at 10:15 am on St Salvator’s Quad.

Race2 the cashpoint

If we punish students involved in charitable activity, Rory the Lion could go the way of his cousin Cecil

Athletic Union bans Clay Pigeon from Sinners

The ban will last for six months after a member allegedly forged wristbands

Broken glass leaves dog with “sliced” paw

Veterinary bills are expected to be at least £400 after one-year-old Aella's paw was cut on a walk along Lade Braes

Letter to the Editor: a society is not an events committee

Geraint Morgan is treasurer of the Celtic Society. The opinions expressed in this letter are his own, and not representative of the views of...

Jamie Rodney elected President of the Students’ Association

Moments ago, Jamie Rodney was elected Students’ Association President, defeating after all other candidates had been eliminated by the Single Transferable Voting system (STV). Jamie...