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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Powell and Whitehorn Hall residents offered alternative hall contracts

Incoming residents of Powell Hall and Whitehorn Hall will be placed in alternative accommodation at the start of term due to the risk that...

A stuttering start for student engagement

It may be week three but the Union is struggling to shake of a nasty case of freshers flu. Not only did application for...

Redev killed the radio STAR

STAR has been forced off of the air this week due to delays with the redevelopment of the Union

Taste buds tingle at the Fine Food Fayre

St Andrews’ Fine Food and Dining Society held the University’s very first ‘Fine Food Fayre’ in Venue 1 of The Union on Sunday afternoon. The...

University staff to strike over “measly” pay

Joint action between three unions will see first strike since 2006

St Andrews maternity leave shortest in the UK.

Female academics of St Andrews Univeristy have the shortest maternity leave in the UK, according to new figures.

Honorary Degree Interviews: Noam Chomsky

In an interview with St Andrews' student media after receiving his honorary D.Litt, Professor Noam Chomsky was intervewed on behalf of The Saint by KIRSTY...

Editorial: Issue 164

New. New term, new people (all over the place, from the Sabbs to the Saint editorial team), new Saint. This very editorial has shifted...

A fresh look at the London riots

St Andrews lecturer Professor Steve Reicher has co-authored a new book, Mad Mobs and Englishmen, with an intriguing take on this summer’s riots. The...