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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

InFocus: Ruth Davidson, Leader of Scottish Conservatives

Ruth Davidson considers herself Brit­ish. She also considers herself Scottish. She does not, however, consider these two identities mutually exclusive. Indeed, throughout her political career...

InFocus: Patrick Mallon, principal ambassador

Freddy Pilkington sits down with the head of the Ambassadors to talk stereotypes, widening access and the 600th

Free food? Yes please. But Transition is much more than just...

The Saint does some digging to learn what Transition St Andrews has been growing in the garden...

InFocus: Miriam Chappel, wellbeing officer, and Hannah Risser, SHAG Week convenor

If you are more comfortable with sex, you’re going to make better decisions and you’re going to be more comfortable asking questions

InFocus: Sam Ross, founder of Populus

“Populus means people. That’s who it’s for. All of us.”

EXCLUSIVE: MI6 Chief Alex Younger talks Brexit, Russia, recruitment and St...

In a rare interview, Alex Younger, Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) told The Saint that the greatest threat Russia poses to the UK currently is the destabilisation of our alliances.

Bubble TV aims to put St Andrews life on screen

This week The Saint’s Tori Sarant and Kerry Nesbitt talk with Anna-Lisa Stone, creator of the new Bubble TV.

InFocus: St Andrews rower rescued from Atlantic

St Andrews student Tom Sauer was rescued from the Atlantic in January after his boat capsized. Sauer was participating in a rowing race when...

A fresh look at the London riots

St Andrews lecturer Professor Steve Reicher has co-authored a new book, Mad Mobs and Englishmen, with an intriguing take on this summer’s riots. The...

InFocus: Jules Findlay, Director of Events and Services

After an action packed Freshers’ Week, The Saint’s Jonathan Bucks sits down with Jules Findlay to discuss the Union redevelopment, the NUS and drinks prices.