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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Green Week launches: The Saint interviews organiser Kirsten Jenkins

1: Could you explain what Green Week is, and its aims? Put simply, Green Week is a student organised and lead week of activities and...

InFocus: Camilla Duke, Rector’s Assessor

Camilla Duke is a second year international relations and modern history student from Bethesda, Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C.

InFocus: Lisa Marie Husby, survivor of the 2011 Norway attacks

“You can shoot me in the arm, you can shoot me in the eye but we are still going to rise”

InFocus: Peter MacMahon, Political Editor at ITV Border

The University of St Andrews recently retained its spot as the highest ranked university in Scotland and the third best in the UK in...

Phil Pass on Freshers’ Week

Fresher’s week has started the year on a high note with nine event-packed days of non-stop events. The Saint caught up with the Director of Events and Services, Phil Pass, to find out how successful the week has been.

In Focus: Student pursues Seven Summits goal

The Saint’s Andreea Nemes sits down with Geordie Stewart, a St Andrews student currently attempting to climb Mt Everest in his quest to become...

In Focus: St Andrews students set their sights on Mongolia

Adam Born, Tom McMurray, Emily Dick, Dave Doherty, Moritz Drescher, and Natalie-Anne Rueek have all decided to embark upon an intriguing adventure from St...

InFocus: Jamie Rodney, campaign manager for Rector Srdja Popovic

Jamie Rodney talks memes, stripy hats, selfies and stickers with The Saint

NUS Scotland President on Higher Education

The Saint’s Rachel Hanretty sits down with Robin Parker, NUS Scotland President, to find out more about the organisation. Rachel Hanretty: St Andrews isn’t affiliated...

InFocus: Ruth Davidson, Leader of Scottish Conservatives

Ruth Davidson considers herself Brit­ish. She also considers herself Scottish. She does not, however, consider these two identities mutually exclusive. Indeed, throughout her political career...