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Sunday, February 23, 2020

InFocus: Sam Winton is Here For Sport

Natalie Pereira talks with the founder of the student initiative determined to break down barriers within sport participation.

InFocus: “Race2 is a travelling experience which you can genuinely never...

Though the outside world might take hitchhiking across Europe for charity as a sign of insanity, in St Andrews it seems perfectly rational. And...

InFocus: Student representatives of each side of the EU debate

The Saint met with two students making the case to Leave or Remain in the European Union.

St Andrews students to cycle across Africa

This summer, Stuart Charters and Caroline Damgaard, members of the Challenge 2012: Pedal Africa expedition team, will cycle 4,000km across Southern Africa to raise...

St Andrews students attend London demonstration

This Week The Saint’s Andreea Nemes sits down with Colleen Roberts, SRC member for Sexualities and Gender, and Patrick O’Hare, Leftsoc member, who both attended the 10 November student demonstrations in London to find out about the event.

InFocus: Jo Boon and Annie Newman, leaders of each side in...

Voting for the referendum begins on 19 November

“Things go wrong, things blow up, things decide not to work...

Dan Palmer, fourth-year History stu­dent, is currently in charge of Ents, a term which he uses with much restraint since, as he puts it,...

FS partners with charity organization Trekstock

This Week The Saint’s Matt Steele  sits down with Jamie O’Brien, the press coordinator for FashionShow2011 who talks about the show’s relationship with the...

InFocus: Ben Lawrie, mental health campaigner and Wellbeing committee representative

"We tend to wait until people break down and then we try and pick up the pieces.”

InFocus: Mairi Oliver, Senior Bookseller at Topping &Co

Enter the world of the bookstore that is much more than just a bookstore with Topping & Company’s senior bookseller, Mairi Oliver.