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Saint Andrews
Saturday, July 20, 2019

Editorial: … now it must help others in need

It may come as a surprise to many that St Andrews contains a food bank, and perhaps as an even greater surprise that there...

Full house turns to bust for G1

Its monopolisation of the St Andrews market has coincided with an egregious level of exploitation that has cheated thousands out of thousands of pounds.

Editorial: Issue 168

This is a Saint of lasts. The last issue of 2012, the last issue for some of our committee members and the last issue...

Editorial: Issue 172

It’s getting to that stage. The end of  term looms, the end of degrees for some (myself included). You could well have already been keeping...

Solving the funding puzzle

It’s not an easy time to be running a university. With UK institutions falling in world rankings, it was natural that governments, both at Scottish and British level, would have to look for alternative sources of funding in the future. And, as we’ve suspected for some time, that source of funding is us.

Is education a consumer product?

In this weeks' Editorial we ask whether the distinction between student and customer is becoming too blurred.

Preserving the ‘Student Experience’

The Editorial this week addresses the turmoil over HE funding and St Andrews.

Editorial: Issue 167

If you’ve survived the deadline drama with a shred of sanity left intact, you can look forward to exercising your right to democracy this...

Wanted: new senior governor

Just what is going on with our University’s governance? In February The Saint reported on the resignation of Des McSweeney, the vice principal for external...

A stuttering start for student engagement

It may be week three but the Union is struggling to shake of a nasty case of freshers flu. Not only did application for...