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Friday, January 18, 2019

Preserving the ‘Student Experience’

The Editorial this week addresses the turmoil over HE funding and St Andrews.

First Minister’s EU and independence comments provoke debate among students

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, voiced her concerns on the EU/ UK debate on 22 February, saying that there was a “real...

Wanted: new senior governor

Just what is going on with our University’s governance? In February The Saint reported on the resignation of Des McSweeney, the vice principal for external...

Editorial: … now it must help others in need

It may come as a surprise to many that St Andrews contains a food bank, and perhaps as an even greater surprise that there...

Editorial: Three years later: the 600th finale

It has been almost three years since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge returned to St Andrews in February 2011 to launch the University’s...

Editorial: Issue 193

Court sees accommodation  The number of column inches this newspaper has devoted to St Andrews’ accommodation woes, you would be forgiven for thinking there was...

This is your paper!

Every year the second semester brings with it an opportunity for reflection, resolution and change, and this is no less true than for the editorial board of The Saint.

Shockwaves: the Westgate attack

Editorial: It is The Saint’s duty to present the realities facing our students and not shy away from difficult truths

Editorial: Mental health – we must speak out

We don’t understand. According to the UK Mental Health Foundation, one in four people will experience problems with their mental health in any given year....

A necessary policy overhaul

This weeks editorial addresses sexual assault and the University's policy overhaul.