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Saint Andrews
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Editorial: Issue 168

This is a Saint of lasts. The last issue of 2012, the last issue for some of our committee members and the last issue...

Time for Union to address the “tampon tax”

The editorial for Issue 197

Editorial: Issue 172

It’s getting to that stage. The end of  term looms, the end of degrees for some (myself included). You could well have already been keeping...

Editorial: Damaged, but not lost…

A group of powerful people meet in secret. One of them makes allegations about your conduct. Without asking to hear your side of the...

What next for the Raisin tradition?

This year appears to have been no different for any previous Raisin weekend despite university efforts to stop anti-social behaviour.

Resurrecting the role of rector

Last week’s Rectorial Elections that saw the uncontested Labour MEP, Catherine Stihler, become St Andrews’ 52nd rector

Editorial: Room for improvement

Now is an excellent opportunity for the University to show that social responsibility is more than just a theory

Editorial: We stand behind our academic staff

This time next week, hundreds of members of teaching and support staff at St Andrews who belong to UCU, Unite and Unison will likely...

Editorial: Fife Park houses (1972-2013)

Forty years later, the Fife Park houses are finally to be put out of their misery. The announcement has been a long time coming:...

Solving the funding puzzle

It’s not an easy time to be running a university. With UK institutions falling in world rankings, it was natural that governments, both at Scottish and British level, would have to look for alternative sources of funding in the future. And, as we’ve suspected for some time, that source of funding is us.