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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Time for Union to address the “tampon tax”

The editorial for Issue 197

What next for the Raisin tradition?

This year appears to have been no different for any previous Raisin weekend despite university efforts to stop anti-social behaviour.

Editorial Issue 204: Navigating the new academic year

The year ahead promises to be eventful. On a wider scale, the international community is navigating an era of mass uncertainty.

Editorial 209: preserving education post-Brexit

It is clear that Professor Sally Mapstone has taken office as principal during one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of Scotland’s...

Editorial: Issue 166

We welcome you back to the print edition of The Saint after a three week break. The break with our fortnightly tradition is a...

Full house turns to bust for G1

Its monopolisation of the St Andrews market has coincided with an egregious level of exploitation that has cheated thousands out of thousands of pounds.

An end to community spirit in Sallies

Ring of Fire. Never have I ever. Beer pong. It’s unlikely any of us have got to this stage in our lives without having...

Editorial: Issue 172

It’s getting to that stage. The end of  term looms, the end of degrees for some (myself included). You could well have already been keeping...

Editorial: The St Andrews accommodation farce

What do condoms, an A4-sized poster and an NHS Fife scheme have to do with the St Andrews accommodation market? Ask the two students...