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Saint Andrews
Monday, May 27, 2019

St Regulus Hall raises funds in memory of Felicia Llena

Last month, Felicia Llena, a first-year biology student at the University of St Andrews, passed away at 18. Now, her friends and fellow residents...

Mammacita in St Andrews announces closure

Mammacita, St Andrews’ popular location for Mexican food, is closing its doors later this month. The hotspot for tapas, fajitas, and frozen margaritas announced...

St Andrews professor, Dr Valerie Smith, passes away

Principal Sally Mapstone announced today the death of Dr Valerie Smith, known as Val, who passed away on Thursday 2 May after battling cancer. Funeral...

Letter to the Editor: HMO ban

Linda Holt is a councillor of East Neuk & Landward, sitting on the Fife Council. The opinions expressed in this letter are her own,...

Fife Councillors have “failed the youth of St Andrews” over controversial...

Fife councilors have recently agreed on a 0 percent increase in HMOs, or houses of multiple occupancies, in St Andrews, sparking outrage, particularly amongst the University’s student body.

Boxing and Fight Club comes to blows over safety

On 15 April, the day before the Fight Club event in Dundee, the Boxing Club issued a Facebook statement condemning it as White Collar boxing, making it unlicensed, dangerous, and an affront to amateur boxing.

St Andrews student close to raising over £100,000 target to help...

Scott Stinson, 25, is a chemistry graduate from Dundrum, Northern Ireland, who specialises in cancer research at the University of St Andrews.

Editorial: Issue 230

The decision to maintain a 0 per cent increase on the number of HMOs in this town for the next three years is a significant disappointment, second only to how councillors have characterised the report into “locked rooms” led by the Students’ Association.

Government confirms Out of Hours funding availability

This would include keeping GPs and clinicians at St Andrews Hospital to 10 pm on weekdays, from 8 am to midnight on Saturday, and from 10 am to 8 pm on Sunday if approved.

University releases Find Space feature

In a post on their Facebook page, the St Andrews University Students’ Association announced the launch of Find Space, a search feature that allows students to locate available study spaces for independent or group work. The tool is available via MySaint.