Sunday, May 28, 2017
Dominic Nolan, a third year economics and international relations student has been elected as a Scottish Conservative Party member to Fife Council following yesterday’s elections.
Mr Palin joins 11 other prominent figures to be honoured between the 20 and 23 June this year at Younger Hall.

Yik Yak set to shut down

Founded in 2013, Yik Yak at first grew rapidly as students utilised the anonymous features in schools and university campuses.
Anti-gay campaigns in Chechnya have resulted in authorities detaining dozens of individuals suspected of being homosexual.
Photo: The Saint Online
In an email to all students this morning, Dr Lusk stated that “NO AFTER PARTIES will be tolerated this year."
The Complete University Guide ranked St Andrews top in Scotland and third in the UK overall.
One event attendee said that the buses had taken a wrong turn in the Errol Park Estate and reached a "dead end".
Editor's note: This semester, The Saint conducted a substantial two-month investigation into the culture of exploitation and harassment in St Andrews' hospitality industry. Our article includes quotes from eight student sources, some of whom were willing to be named. However, to protect these sources' identities and act in fairness to both sides, we have decided to anonymise all individuals...
The Saint’s investigation of our town’s hospitality industry revealed not only a culture of student exploitation in several local establishments but also the difficulties of addressing said problem. Harassment, exploitation, and underpayment are common issues in the restaurant industry. In a student haven, however, this behaviour is particularly reprehensible. St Andrews has an unusual demographic composition: it is a town...
Last week, the School of Geography and Sustainable Development announced that senior members of its staff have joined a major research project focused on collecting housing-related data. The Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence will be granted a total of £7.5 million from various charities and research institutions. St Andrews joins eight universities and four institutions helping with the project. The...