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Saint Andrews
Saturday, February 16, 2019

Week in Pictures: St Andrews Day and Stereoscope exhibition

All photos from graduation, St Andrews Day lights and ceilidh taken by Maria Faciolince, and all photos from the Stereoscope 'NOISE' launch and exhibition...

The 600th Finale Ball

Did you make it to the once in lifetime 600th Finale Ball? If you managed to make, look here to see if you were...

Dont Walk Launch Party 2013

Are you ready for next years Don't Walk Fashion Show? All photos by Samantha Marcus.

Welly Ball 2013

All photos: Samantha Marcus

Reeling Ball 2013

Get your groove on at the premier of Reeling Ball on Saturday? If you made it or not, check out a few photos from...

House of Horror 2013

House of Horror Charity Gala was a new event sponsored by Snow Queen Vodka. Costumes galore, this event showed a new side to St....

Bongo Ball 2013

Did you make it to Bongo Ball last night? Check out a few exclusive photos from the night by Katya Clark of Lightbox Creative!

Week in Pictures: BINDI, Mersault, 600th Finale Ball launch party, and...

Photos of BINDI by Ellen Shaw of Shawtography, 600th Finale Ball launch party by Sage Lancaster, Random Ceilidh by Kathryn Jones, and Mersault gig...

The Ambassadors Ball 2013

The Ambassador Ball presented by the Foreign Affairs Society. All photos by Ali Stokes of Lightbox Creative and Helena Fornells Nadal.  

BLACKOUT… Stocks and Bondage

Event run by St Andrews very own Global Investment Group (GIG). All photos by Amy Thompson of Lightbox Creative.