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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

This week in photos

Taylor Almeraz covered one of the biggest events of the term: Opening Ball!

Dunhill 2011: Friday at St Andrews

Photographer: Hillevi Gustafson

The New Saint Event at the Old Course 2013

Photos from The Saint's 2013 launch party

Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball 2013

All photos taken by Sammi McKee

Glitterball 2014

Some photos of the premier of Glitterball! Check them out here. All photos credited to Samantha Marcus.

Crayfish Party

All photos: Jessica Biggs

Christmas Ball 2012

Photos: Maria Faciolince and Ben Goulter

Reeling Ball 2013

Get your groove on at the premier of Reeling Ball on Saturday? If you made it or not, check out a few photos from...