16.7 C
Saint Andrews
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mr St Andrews

Photo Credit: Tam McTavish

Week in Pictures: BINDI and Northern Lights

A selection of photos of Sitara fashion show's launch party - Bindi- and our readers' stunning photos of the Northern Lights that were visible...

This week in photos

Taylor Almeraz covered one of the biggest events of the term: Opening Ball!

The 600th Finale Ball

Did you make it to the once in lifetime 600th Finale Ball? If you managed to make, look here to see if you were...

Spring has sprung

The Saint's photographers captured the first moments of spring in the Bubble

GIG presents: Studio 54

All photos taken by Samantha Marcus.

The Rectorial Drag – 2012

Rector Alistair Moffat began his official installation on Monday 19 March by storming into Sallies Quad on a horse, where he met with students...