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Saint Andrews
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Week in pictures: Refreshers’ Week

Photos of Clan Warfare by Raphaël Benros, the Vic's Welcome Back to the Bubble event by Samantha Marcus, and Rodeo Night and the Hypnotist...

This week in photos

Taylor Almeraz covered one of the biggest events of the term: Opening Ball!

This week in photos

Photos of the Raisin Monday foam fight, one of St Andrews’ famous traditions!

Glitterball 2014

Some photos of the premier of Glitterball! Check them out here. All photos credited to Samantha Marcus.

Week in pictures

Photos from Photosoc photo exhibition, Rugby 7s, Re:fashion, and Bute Ball


All photos taken by Sammi McKee of this year's infamous DONT WALK Fashion show 2014

Week in photos

Photos from one of the biggest student-run “fraternity style” parties in St Andrews: Goat House.

Sitara* 2014

Photos from the vibrant Sitara*Asian fusion show.

Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball 2013

All photos taken by Sammi McKee