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Saint Andrews
Monday, November 19, 2018

Dunhill 2011: Thursday at Carnoustie

Photographer: Hillevi Gustafson  

BLACKOUT… Stocks and Bondage

Event run by St Andrews very own Global Investment Group (GIG). All photos by Amy Thompson of Lightbox Creative.

Week In Pictures: Secret Garden Party and more

Featured this week: Beach Polo Tournament, The Lumsden Club's Secret Garden Party, Music is Love presents Messenger Sound System, St Andrews vs Dundee Varsity...

Gaudie 2013

Henry Legg and Ben Goulter capture the traditional torchlit procession

The Ambassadors Ball 2013

The Ambassador Ball presented by the Foreign Affairs Society. All photos by Ali Stokes of Lightbox Creative and Helena Fornells Nadal.  

Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball 2013

All photos taken by Sammi McKee

KK Opening Ball 2012

All photographs: Ben Goulter

Itchy Feet – A May Dip Special

Itchy Feet - A May Dip Special

This week in photos

Taylor Almeraz covered one of the biggest events of the term: Opening Ball!