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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Week in Pictures – Kate Kennedy Procession

Photos: Jake Threadgould, Sammi McKee, Maria Faciolince

Photo story: Havana, Cuba

Student photographer Yaz El-Ashmawi documented his trip to Havana, Cuba with stunning street photography style photos.


This issue's photo theme was "CHAOS". Even though this will be our last issue for the semester, we will be starting back up again...


A selection of photos from The Saint's journey to Prague. All photos: Celeste Sloman


A selection of reader submissions around the theme of “frozen”.


Our editors pics for the theme 'urban'. If you want to be in the next issue of The Saint, please submit your work to...

The Ambassadors Ball 2013

The Ambassador Ball presented by the Foreign Affairs Society. All photos by Ali Stokes of Lightbox Creative and Helena Fornells Nadal.