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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

A guide to student bank accounts

Browsing the market for your student bank account? Let The Saint take you through it...

Teacher training

PGCEs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for graduates, particularly from top universities such as St Andrews. Indeed, recent figures from the Department of...

Welcome to university: how not to blow the bank

The Saint's money editor David Hallengren gives some helpful tips.

Peter Wood talks wine

New independent businesses are tena-penny in St Andrews. Many have come and some have gone. Some have risen admirably to the challenge of running...

Enterprise Week: an apex for all entrepreneurial spirits

St Andrews Enterprise Week is set to return following a successful inaugural launch last year. Due to take place from Monday 5 October through...

When it comes to the job hunt, stick to what you...

When it comes to jobs, maybe we need to keep a little closer to what we know.

The costs of studying abroad

Studying abroad is now more affordable than ever. Meilan Solly provides the tips to finance the year abroad of your dreams.

How much do St Andrews students spend in a week?

The Saint asked several students, including those in catered and uncatered halls, to track their anticipated versus actual spending over a five-day period.

Hotel, flights, itinerary and…money belt?

All of the best dos and don'ts about traveling safley, cheaply, and efficiently with money.

The Saint’s 2016 housing guide

Whether this is your first time renting privately or you’re a seasoned pro, The Saint hopes this guide to St Andrews’ letting agencies helps...