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Run in the Chariots of Fire Race This June!

Illustration: Edward Emery Dreaming of sun, sand and dipping your toes in the water as you stare out of the library window on what is, I...

Traveling alone through Morocco: budgeting tips and more

Money editor Rebecca Feng offers tips on travelling through Morocco after her 20-day solo trip.

The Quant Conference Returns

When I last spoke to Nikita Fadeev, who graduated from St Andrews this past spring with an undergraduate degree in mathematics, he was in...


Image: FIXR Within 11 minutes, 1500 tickets worth £80,000 were sold. Behind the legendary ticket sale for the 2014 Kate Kennedy Club May Ball was...

Proust Questionnaire: Paul Egan

Economics lecturer Paul Egan talks about his illustrious swimming career, his hatred of selfie sticks, and Chinese economics.

Eleven Alternative Interview Tips

Illustration: Cosette Puckett Interview is often the most intimidating step of any application process. Most candidates know the basic preparation tips — do research, look...

Full house for G1 Group

House restaurants bought by owner of Forgan’s, Mitchells and The Vic

Getting a job: tales of Superdry and Superdrug

Getting a job alongside your studies can be both fun and useful, as Camilla Henfrey explains

How bad are the Badlands?

The merits of living in Town Centre, the Badlands and the Outlands

Luxury chocolate shop opens

Iain Burnett, an upmarket chocolate shop, has opened on South Street with a luxurious black and red interior and bars of chocolate selling for...