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UK Gender Wage Gap Quantified

While it is important to acknowledge that gender differences can naturally cause wage disparity because human capital factors such as work experience, education, job...

Consider Travelex When You Leave for Break

No conversion fees or exchange rate fluctuations - how a prepaid travel card saves you money.

Traveling alone through Morocco: budgeting tips and more

Money editor Rebecca Feng offers tips on travelling through Morocco after her 20-day solo trip.

A policy duel on housing

Illustration: Edward Emery The Prime Minister summed it up well in her closing speech to the Conservative Party Conference: “For 30 or 40 years we simply...

Budgeting in a social life

Illustration: Cosette Puckett As the chaotic highs of Freshers’ Week come back down to a healthier reality with first semester classes, the next big social...


Image: FIXR Within 11 minutes, 1500 tickets worth £80,000 were sold. Behind the legendary ticket sale for the 2014 Kate Kennedy Club May Ball was...

A green Eden for St Andrews

Image: geograph.org.uk The University of St Andrews has long aspired to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral university for energy consumption. Its recent development of the...

Playing the stock market, risk-free

The benefits and drawbacks of online investment simulators.

CAPOD: what’s on offer?

The Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development, CAPOD provides a comprehensive range of opportunities both students and staff.