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Friday, March 22, 2019

Interview: Oliver Harrison, president of the school of economics and finance

The Saint interviews Oliver Harrison, president of the school of economics and finance

CodeFirst: Girls, writing away the gap between women and technology

Despite the fact that women make up nearly 50 per cent of internet users, just 17 per cent of workers in the technology industry...

Do “happy” eggs really exist?

Talk to anyone about animal agriculture and they will probably tell you that while they agree that the systems we use to raise animals...

New kids on the block, and we don’t just mean freshers

1. Tulsi Specialising in both Thai and Indian food, Tulsi replaced another Thai restaurant, Nahm Jim, during last term. While Indian food and curries are...

Getting a job: tales of Superdry and Superdrug

Getting a job alongside your studies can be both fun and useful, as Camilla Henfrey explains

6 last-minute Christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is approaching, and family and friends are reuniting in celebration of the most heartwarming day of the...

New Company Saves High-skilled Jobs from Disappearing

In St Andrews, as at most renowned universities, research is an indispensable part of academic life as well as an important employer for the...

Market Street

New year, new section

Universal Basic Income: A Debate

Starting in 2020, the world’s hippest social experiment will be arriving in St Andrews: the Universal Basic Income. First given funding for design and...

Would it work? Caleb’s burrito bar

Your local business ideas are put to our panel