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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A St Andrean in Liberia

In 2011, Lisa Heintges visited Liberia as an intern with a national NGO. Now, as the Ebola epidemic spreads across the country, she has...

Overseas adventures: tips for finding your ideal study abroad placement

Catriona Aitken discusses the perks of studying abroad as well as what to look for when deciding where to study abroad,

Summer travelling through St Petersburg: portrait of a city

Fanny Restuccia describes St Petersburg, the 'Venice of the North'

Has the Bubble burst?

The spread of media has been seen by some to have destroyed geographical boundaries, meaning that we are never disconnected from what is happening...

Ladakh – The Tibet of India

The rhythmic wailing was all too familiar. I had heard it being blasted from every bus, every train and almost every mobile phone throughout...

The Overseas Series: Daisy Sewell

French student Daisy Sewell lets us in on her challenging and rewarding year abroad, teaching English in Paris.

36 Hours in Slovenia

After leaving the planning to her friends, Christiana Bishop finds unexpected beauty and a rare atmosphere in a country she did not know she...

Duty free at last?

By Adman Boggon At 2408m, the Port d’Envalira at the northern entrance to Andorra is a royal pain in the ass to cycle over. Yet...

Dream Destination: Barcelona

There is something about saying ‘I’m going to Spain’ which sounds unbelievably cool, but there is something about saying ‘I’m going to Barcelona’ which...

My adventure in Nepal

Olivia Acland experiences cow sheds, land mines and omelets