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Saint Andrews
Friday, January 18, 2019

Overseas Series: Alice Bessonova

Alice Bessonova discusses her emotional journey adjusting from her gap year and coming to St Andrews, overcoming the big cultural differences and getting used to life in a small town from a major city.

The Overseas Series: Daisy Sewell

French student Daisy Sewell lets us in on her challenging and rewarding year abroad, teaching English in Paris.

36 hours in Cambridge

According to the Economic Impact of Tourist report, every year over five million tourists visit Cambridge, and it is understandable why the historic town...

Travel-Hub Tips Part 2: Southern Italy

Caitlin Russell continues her European Travel-Hub series, sharing the benefits of a Naples base when looking to explore the wonders of the Amalfi Coast on a budget.

The St Andrews Odyssey

Deputy features editor Lara Guneri reports on the commuter student experience

36 Hours in New York City

Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon shares the whirlwind of bright lights and Manhattan magic she experienced during a Spring Break trip to the Big Apple.

36 hours in Dublin

Not sure where to head for Independant Learning Week? Make sure you check out Samantha Puckorius' 36 hour itinerary of Dublin!

36 hours in Vienna

Planning a trip to Vienna? Emily Lomax has created a 36 hour itinerary to make life a little easier.

New Zealand: can you handle the jandle?

‘Jandal’, ‘sweet as’ and ‘togs’ were all relatively unfamiliar words to me before my trip down under, but having been informed (by a Kiwi)...

An Insider’s Guide to Hong Kong

Taken from the Chinese word that literally means ‘fragrant harbour’, Hong Kong evokes, even by name, bedazzling aromas of incense and sandalwood that once...