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36 hours in Dublin… and on only forty euros

The extra time we have while at university makes it the perfect time to have short breaks in Europe. Before we know it our lives will become...

The Overseas Series: Henry Roberts

Henry Roberts tells us his tale of the many highs and lows he experienced while studying at Trinity College, Dublin.

Do or die: the bucket list

Bob Marley said ‘Wake up and live’, and I could not agree more. Life is short; make it an entertaining experience, and what better...

36 Hours in Brussels

Read about Deputy features editor Julia Bennett's 36 hour stay in beautiful Brussels.

Total immersion: the best way to learn a language?

Frankie Borderie speaks to students about the pros and cons of travelling to a country to learn a language.

Pluscarden Abbey

Pluscarden Abbey is the only medieval monastery that is still in use today in the UK. A three-hour train journey from Leuchars, it is...

A couple of hundred words on travel

By Ben Dunant Travel is an exciting, formative and (although I use the word cautiously) enlightening experience. It is about meeting people and seeing places...

City in focus: Prague

There are two types of people in the world: those who love Prague, and those who have never been there. When I came to...

Paris en Printemps

As a former resident, I found showing a friend around the famous city to be the perfect Parisian visit. In just three nights we...

36 Hours in Asheville

Features editor Kenalyn Ang shares a bit about her first time visiting Asheville, North Carolina this summer.