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Monday, November 19, 2018

Charity, Chundering and Chile

We have all heard them — “Yah mate, I literally vommed all over the dance floor of The Lizard last night...I just chundered every-whah!”....

36 Hours in Dublin

Dublin is the kind of place you could fall in love with before you even arrive. This charming city is steeped in history and is rich in culture....

The Bestivals

San Miguel Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona 30 May-3 June Price: 190 euros (day ticket 80 euros) Great music in one of Europe’s best party cities, Barcelona....

Taking the long way: St Andrews graduates tackle the Pan American...

The Saint caught up with Chris Lally and Danny Beech to talk about their upcoming adventure

Around the world in 21 universities

Caitlin Hamilton compiles a snapshot of life at universities and colleges across different continents.

36 hours in Vancouver

Back in May, a few days after slogging through my last exam of the semester, I took a trip to Vancouver, Canada. Despite having...

Summer travelling through St Petersburg: portrait of a city

Fanny Restuccia describes St Petersburg, the 'Venice of the North'

Race2 story contest winner

For the second year in a row, The Saint has held a Race2 story contest for participants and volunteers. This year's winner is Elsa Klein....

36 hours in Dublin

Not sure where to head for Independant Learning Week? Make sure you check out Samantha Puckorius' 36 hour itinerary of Dublin!

The Overseas Series: Daisy Sewell

French student Daisy Sewell lets us in on her challenging and rewarding year abroad, teaching English in Paris.