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Thursday, July 18, 2019

36 hours in Seattle

Seattle’s unique food, music and culture make it a tourist’s paradise. 36 hours might not be a lot of time, but in this city you can spend that time in almost any way you can imagine. If you’re having trouble deciding if you want to experience the beauty of nature or the hustle and bustle of a big city during your next trip, Seattle is the perfect place for you.

Life as a Language Assistant

Being a language student, I always knew that I would have the opportunity to go abroad for a year. It was, without a doubt,...

On the road in Latin America

After a semester of study in the gigantic city of Buenos Aires, I made on of the best decisions I have ever made and...

36 hours in Philadelphia

Aaron Muldoon shares his thoughts and expectations during a summer trip to historical Philadelphia.

City Guide: in August, Milan doesn’t want you

James Leech discusses the largest-scale vanishing act in Europe

36 Hours in Ohrid

Ohrid is a newly opened, little known corner of Macedonia that should become an integral stop on a tour of Europe’s culture. It is...

Overseas Series: Grace Kennedy

In September 2018, while most of St Andrews were enjoying Starfields, I was settling into a country that I was to be studying in,...

A couple of hundred words on travel

By Ben Dunant Travel is an exciting, formative and (although I use the word cautiously) enlightening experience. It is about meeting people and seeing places...

Encounters on an Indian train

Whisky trickles down the crack between the bed and the carriage wall and anoints my sleeping bag liner. I express irritation with a deliberately...

Overseas Series: Josh Samuels

Josh Samuels kicks of the return of the Overseas Series, as he shares about his current semestre working in Lyon, France.